Sunday, April 15, 2007

Trip Purpose

Team Members: Dan, Robin & Don

The idea is to train trainers-- to leave behind students prepared to teach others who in turn can teach others.

Following last year's Lifewater style ( ) training we have once again decided to do a water filter and hygiene training for trainers on the island of Halmahera, Indonesia. This time the project will include:
  1. one week training twenty 'beginning' medical students in community health and planning. (water filter construction and hygiene)
  2. one week visiting a remote village (Sasur) to consider how to best adapt our teaching to this island's culture.
  3. 4 days on several other on-going projects.
We have been commissioned to carry burn treatment suppies as the clinic is loaded to capacity with victims of a recent accident.

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The Minnema Family said...

We are praying for you on your trip.
The Minnema Family